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Points of View

Six years ago, Ellie Jacobs moved away for college, leaving the small town of Bellford, VA behind and beginning her life in California. There, she juggled between doing what her mom wanted and what she loved. Now that she's back home, she realizes things maybe haven't changed much since she left. The boy she considered to be her best friend is still raising his kid sister, and her friends still live the wild lives they always did. Not much has changed in those six years.

As Ellie begins adjusting to being in Bellford again, she reacclimates herself with her old friends. One of them being her best friend, Archer York. She'd always believed he thought of her only as a friend, but maybe her point of view was wrong. Maybe something has always been there.

Chapters are uploaded weekly on Wattpad. Make sure to follow Amanda's social media for updated information.


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** I own none of the images, they belong to their rightful owners. This is just to showcase the feel of the story/what my characters look like. **

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