Finishing College: A Wrap-Up of the Last 5 Years

This is my final week of school (sort of). I'm officially graduating this week, though I'm not walking. I do have one final class to complete this January, but this is it. I'm officially an adult.

It's super weird to think about the fact that school is finally ending. I feel as if I just got settled into the routine of college from commuting back and forth from home to school (it's a thirty minute drive). I also feel as if I just began to make all of my friends. But now it's over.

When I was a senior in high school (the 2012-2013 school year), I had the important decision of making up my mind of where I wanted to go to college. To be honest, I didn't really want to go to school right away. Mostly because I knew money was tight for my parents since my grandma died. I only toured one school and applied to one school. I got in.

It's odd to think about the fact that I took one shot at applying to a school and depended on that one school accepting me. I'm super lucky, I know. My first semester as a college student, I also felt really fortunate. My cousin happened to be my math teacher. It was really fun having him on campus since he was my neighbor for a few years. He'd take me home for the weekends on Fridays.

I entered college as an English Secondary Education Major with a minor in Creative Writing. Though, unbeknownst to me, I was declared undecided when I registered to classes due to the fact that my guidance counselor thought I didn't know what I wanted. I did, but I didn't know what a Bachelor of Arts versus Bachelor Science in English meant. The moment I took my first education class, I knew teaching wasn't for me. I also am not a good public speaker, so how could I make my job speaking in front of high schoolers for eight hours a day.

I adored my English classes. Well, most of them...except Shakespeare. But that's another story. I fell in love with some of these classes and found that I didn't want them to end. I took three classes with one professor and I ended up befriending him and having coffee hang outs once a month with a few friends. I also became friends with another professor and I hang out at her house every once in a blue moon. College is weird, guys. You become friends with your teachers.

My degree has been challenging, as they always are, but it's so worth it. I have made some amazing friendships. To end this super sappy end of college post, enjoy a few highlights from the last couple years :)

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