Friday Reads! #1

Happy Friday friends! I am so happy that it's almost the weekend, and I just turned in my final assignment for the semester! I am so excited.

Last night I was finally able to pick up the first book I get to read for fun. I haven't gotten the chance to read a fun book in years. Well, I do it on occasion, but guys, I get to read whatever I want in my free-time now! I'm so excited to get back into the groove of reading, and I'm really hoping to read like I did in high school and my freshman year of college. I had a different book every couple of days. I probably read close to 60 books a year. I'm not going too crazy in 2018 since I'm getting back into a routine, but I'd like to start that up again.

What am I reading this weekend?

This is probably going to be my main one, and that is Warcross by Marie Lu. I am so excited to be diving into this book because I loved the game aspect in one of the Legend books. When I heard she was inspired by that, I knew this book was for me.

I mostly read in the evenings, so I'm not completely sure how much I'll get done this weekend since I'm also reading Keeper by Kim Chance. I love that book! I need to get back into reading it so I can post my review since I'm part of her street team.

What is everyone else reading this weekend?






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