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Today I'm bringing you some extra special content! I'm reviewing Kim Chance's debut novel Keeper! I'm super excited because I am a part of her Street Team and I was given an e-arc from NetGalley. This book was amazing, so I recommend you pick it up on January 30, 2018.


When a 200-year-old witch attacks her, sixteen-year-old bookworm Lainey Styles is determined to find a logical explanation. Even with the impossible staring her in the face, Lainey refuses to believe it until she finds a photograph linking the witch to her dead mother. After consulting a psychic, Lainey discovers that she, like her mother, is a Keeper: a witch with the exclusive ability to unlock and wield the Grimoire, a dangerous but powerful spell book. But there's a problem. The Grimoire has been stolen by a malevolent warlock who is desperate for a spell locked inside it a spell that would allow him to siphon away the world s magic. With the help of her comic-book-loving best friend and an enigmatic but admittedly handsome street fighter, Lainey must leave her life of college prep and studying behind to prepare for the biggest test of all: stealing back the book.

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

I loved this book and I love the author! I think my favorite part of the whole novel was the amazing dialogue. Lainey and the other characters all had this unique, and very modern, sense of dialogue. My favorite things sprinkled in were the pop culture references. Within the first few chapters there was Supernatural and Harry Potter. It was a wild ride, everyone.

I also adored the premise. It was so unique with the Keeper idea. The only thing I struggled with was the Grimoire and how it came to be where it is. That is the part that I struggled with the most, but all in all, the premise was really interesting. Especially with Josephine. I wish more of her was included into the plot, but that's because I found her much more fascinating. I'm also such a nerd for anything including ancestry, so I wished Lainey focused more on her rather than running

The characters are also what fell a little flat for me. I didn't feel like I got to know them as well as I wished I did. The connections I feel toward characters are so important and I felt closer to Josephine than I did Lainey. I loved Lainey, but gosh darnit, I wish I got to know her a little bit more. Maggie was probably my second favorite character next to Josephine for that exact reason. Ty made me so angry at the end, but I'm not going to say anything so you can experience it for yourself.

The villains for me didn't seem villainy enough (yes, I made up a word). I wanted more from them and I wanted more gore? I'm a science fiction buff, I write death and gore on the daily. I think this book didn't have enough oomf to it? I have no idea if you know what I mean by that, but I wish there was more action to it than there is. This could have been remedied by spending some more time on certain scenes and elongating the knowledge we get.

The writing, as I mentioned, was good. This book is what I would categorize under the younger YA section. There is definitely something for everyone, but I feel like if you're not up on your pop culture, then this book is probably not for you. A lot of the references will go right over your head.

If this book sounds right up your street, then go pre-order your copy now! ~Amanda

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