My Current Writing Playlist | December 2017

Happy Thursday!

Music is such a huge thing for me, and it crosses over into my writing. I wanted to use one of the last days of the year to talk about my writing playlist. I recently went through and did an overhaul of my Vigilant playlist and compiled a new playlist that is about 90% instrumentals and I thought I would share it with you because I find it really pretty. All of these songs are on spotify, so if you search them, you will be able to find them!

These songs all reference something in my dystopian/post-apocalyptic series, so there might be a theme in there that might not apply to your writing.

  1. Rewrite the Stars by Zac Efron and Zendaya (from The Greatest Showman)

  2. Through the Dark by One Direction

  3. Gale Song by The Lumineers

  4. Like Real People Do by Hozier

  5. Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin

  6. I Lived by OneRepublic

  7. Something I Need by OneRepublic

  8. Say You Won't Let Me Go by James Arthur

  9. Knocking on Heavens Door (Cover) by RAIGN

  10. Evermore by Dan Stevens (from Beauty & the Beast)

  11. Saturn by Sleeping at Last

  12. Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

  13. Mooncatcher by Mattia Cupelli

  14. Still by Daughter

  15. West by Sleeping at Last

  16. Come Home by OneRepublic and Sara Bareilles

  17. Atlas: Heart by Sleeping at Last

  18. We're Still Here by Sleeping at Last

  19. Light by Sleeping at Last

  20. Hearing by Sleeping at Last

  21. Touch by Sleeping at Last

  22. Touch - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC by Little Mix

  23. Safe Inside by James Arthur

  24. I See You by Tree Adams (from The 100: Season 4 Soundtrack)

  25. 10,000 Miles by Sleeping at Last

  26. Perfect - Acoustic by Ed Sheeran

  27. The Night We Met by Lord Huron

  28. Can't Help Falling In Love by Julio Iglesias

  29. Wave by Mattia Cupelli

  30. Love Lost by Mattia Cupelli

  31. The Way by Mattia Cupelli

  32. Heart by Mattia Cupelli

  33. I'll Be Back, I Promise by Mattia Cupelli

  34. Hope by Mattia Cupelli

  35. Sparks by Mattia Cupelli

  36. Live for Love by Mattia Cupelli

  37. The Way of the Voice by Mattia Cupelli

  38. Two Souls by Mattia Cupelli

  39. Awakening by Mattia Cupelli

As you can see, I really love Mattia Cupelli and Sleeping at Last. I recommend both of these artists, they're truly indescribable. Check them out immediately. You won't regret it!


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