Quarterly Goals | Winter 2018


I cannot believe it's 2018 and we are here to embrace new opportunities! Gah! I'm so excited! If you read my last post, it was my wrap-up and I am here to discuss all things Quarterly Goal related!

Quarterly Goals help me maintain motivation and I won't easily give up my aspirations. This also gives me a shorter amount of time to manage. That way, I can say that I want to accomplish this much in this small amount of time. Things will carry over, of course, but the point is to complete at least 75% of your goals to be considered a win.

Let's get to it, shall we?

Find a Job

I just graduated, so this is a no brainer. I have six months before I have to start paying back my loans and I want to be making some money that isn't my current part-time job.

Read 13 Books

Because I have all this free-time now, I want to be reading a lot more. 13 books is pretty reasonable because it equates to one book per week. I think I can manage this!

Finish Editing Vigilant

I'm on my fifth (and final draft) of this book. I want to query it so bad. If I don't say that this is the final draft, then I will keep editing and I don't want to keep going in circles. I'm going to query it this year, just you watch.

Send my best friend a package

This sounds a little odd, right? My best friend lives in Scotland and she sent me a Christmas gift and I want to send her something nice as well. So this is what I'm doing.

Revise Query Letter

I have some suggestions that need to be worked on, plus the middle section is too long. So some things need to be reworked. I also need to tweak my bio section to be up-to-date.

Revise Synopsis

My synopsis at the present state is awful. Like, hands down awful. I need to get this to a query acceptable state. Any tips on this?

Read through Vigilant front to back

Another no-brainer goal. I want to read through my book to make sure I didn't miss anything awful while editing.

Find 150 agents to query

I like to be prepared for all situations. That includes having as many agents in my arsenal as humanly possible. I've got about 81 right now.

Clean Guinea Pigs Weekly

I'm not awful at this, but because they have larger cages, I have a tendency to let them stay at peace for a few extra days. I want to do this every 7 instead of every 10-12 days.

Post 15 Blog Posts a Month

Hey! I only have 14 left this month! I want to engage with the writing community more, so here's to our new year!

Start up website and connect domain

I'm half-way done with this already, but I need to finish it. I have to upgrade my Wix to a monthly payment instead of the free one, and connect my domain I own to it.

Keep room clean

I'm awful at staying organized and I'm starting to try to be clean since I have no reason not to be. I need to get into this habit, so here's to a clean 2018!

Buy belated Christmas gifts

My friends and I are having an end of January friendsmas where we're getting each other a bunch of things. I'm doing a subscription box theme and I am so excited!

I have to complete ten out of thirteen goals in order for me to call it a pass! What goals are you planning on completing in the next few months?


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