WIP Wednesday | Hopeful and Anxiousness

Hello everyone! Welcome back to this blog's little feature called WIP Wednesday! I am so excited to begin doing this again! I've been in school the past few weeks finishing up the last class I'll be taking. With that, I've unfortunately not been able to work on writing that much, but you know what? It's given me some extra time to let it simmer and process.

I am fortunate enough to work a job where I'm allowed to listen to headphones and I've been listening to an AMAZING podcast that I've been listening to since the summer called 88 Cups of Tea. What I love about this podcast is that the host, Yin Chang, talks with some of my favorite authors about their books and their craft. It's super inspirational and I adore listening to all of these. This podcast has really helped me get back into the love of writing and has not helped my book buying habit (I bought a lot of books lately).

I'm going to start with the fantasy novel I began working on in Spring 2017 for my Arthurian Romance class. I loved the idea of writing a fantasy, and I've been working on it for such a long time and it didn't feel right. You know? So I began learning about Gothic Literature and the Enlightenment in my class and it dawned on me to write a novel tying those elements together. I also wanted to incorporate retellings into it, and I am mashing up Beauty and the Beast with Romeo & Juliet. I'm super excited about it and guys, French castles are my favorite thing ever. It's titled (at the moment) TWO RAGING FIRES and I am in awe of all the ideas I'm getting for it. I am in love. It's probably my favorite thing to work on when I feel like drafting. I'm itching to work on drafting, but I want to really work on fleshing out the story as much as I can, so I'm working on making a resource book first before I dive headfirst into the novel. It also isn't helping that I've been super inspired by Sarah J. Maas's Throne of Glass series because THEY ARE AMAZING.

Her book's descriptions have really gotten to me and inspired me to be better. That's one thing I love about reading. I get to read all these amazing words and use those words to better my own writing. I've been trying to consume as many words as humanly possible this year and I'm on my sixth book! So I'm averaging on finishing a book every two to three days at this moment. I loved Sarah J. Maas's A Court of Thorns and Roses, but I honestly think Throne of Glass might be my favorite of Maas's books.

I've also been super into organizing my life this year and obsessively use my bullet journal I started at the beginning of the year. This is one of the best gifts I could have asked for and it was what I wanted. It's really helped me get a lot done this year. My doodles and handwriting are not the best, but I don't care. I'll get better in time.

I've been trucking through VIGILANT for the past few weeks at an obscenely slow rate. Seriously, my editing speed is so slow that I don't even know when in the world I will finish this draft. I've been loving doing the edits, though. It is making me see my book in a new light and I see the potential it has. Every time I look through my book, it's like a breath of fresh air and a glimmer of hope all at once. This book means the world to me that I don't know what I'd do if I never saw it see the light of day. My only wish is for people like you, those of you reading this blog, to see and read my book. I promise that one day this will be out there. Even if I have to do it in a backwards way.

I've been in such a good mood that I've been actively researching agents, even the new ones. My goal is to get my list to 150 names and I've got 117 so far. It's crazy how many people are out there, but like I said, this is what I'm passionate about. I want this to be my career and I want to keep doing what I love doing. I've been a little picky with who I put on my list. Some agents sound great, but they don't like the sub-category my book is in. So that's been a little frustrating, but hey, at least I'm not wasting my time that way.

When do I plan to query? I don't even know. My initial date was for the 30th, but it's not going to happen. I'm probably going to say early second quarter for sure. I've already got my first five agents I plan to query to slotted into place. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I also don't want to query my top choices all at once. I will probably find five more to query and do it in batches of 10.

That's all I got this week! It's been a busy time and I can't wait to update you next week!


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