Craft Books: Yay or Nay?

Today's topic is all about craft books. Now, I admit, I do own a lot of them, but do I actually use a good number of them? No.

Over the years as I've learned my craft and my own process, I've realized I don't really use these books I'm spending all this money on. So if you feel bad about not buying these books and consuming them, don't feel bad. In fact, I only encourage you to buy the ones you think you need. I own at least fourteen craft books and I've leafed through all of them at one point or another. I'm going to come out and say this: I'm not a nonfiction reader. I just don't know how to be a reader of that kind of genre, and I use craft books as more a reference point if I need them.

I'm not the kind of person to sit there and read craft books for pleasure. I had to read one for my fiction writing class in Fall 2016, and let me tell you, I was not a fan. My biggest complaint about craft books is that they tell you all this amazing information, but does it teach you how to write? No. I have bought a few in the past few months, but it's because I heard John Truby's The Anatomy of a Story was an amazing resource for putting together a compelling story. Am I going to read it in the immediate future? Probably not, but I like the option of having them.

If you're not a nonfiction reader like me, then writing books are probably not for you. I can find invaluable resources on Tumblr and Pinterest that these writing books also write out. The problem I find is that I want just something to glance at rather than read through a four hundred page book about what I could find in a chart.

How do you guys feel about craft books? Yay or Nay?

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