Writing Update | October 2018

I don't know why I am so incredibly awful at keeping up-to-date with these things. I love documenting my writing journey, and it's such a shame I'm awful at keeping up to date with blog posts! I'm gonna just go through my projects and let you know how things are going with them.

I've been doing tons of writing lately, and that's between working 15-20 hours a week as well as going to school full-time. I recently decided on Thursdays, I am blocking out two to three hours in the evenings to straight writing time. I usually participate in Kim Chance and Megan LaCroix's writing sprints, and they have honestly been such a godsend. They're the sole reason why I worked on my outline like I did. I even finished it way before I planned to. That's including the editing I planned to do as well.

I don't have any cool pictures, so please enjoy the related gifs I'm about to post. Don't worry, they will always have to do with the books! I don't own any of them, I found the gifs through google and they were originally on tumblr.


As you all know, this is the book of my soul. It has been with me since about October 2013. Five years ago, I began writing this in my dorm room, my freshman year of college. How crazy is it that I've finished it and am querying it? I just.... I have no words to describe the feelings I have about this. I still can't believe that five years ago, I was in my dorm room watching the UK version of Big Brother, and this idea popped into my head. I still can hardly fathom it.

In April, I began querying agents. I think I sent about twenty over the course of April through June. Around July, I decided to hit pause to enter PitchWars. I did, and even got a partial request. However, I didn't get much farther than that. I didn't win, but you know what? I'm not sad. Rejections for me, weirdly enough, are a form of motivation. I've found that they are extremely motivating. So much so that I decided to start querying again. This was sparked by an email I got from one of the very first agents I queried. I had given up hope on that query, but she asked for a partial. Even though it's only a partial, I knew I had to send it her way.

When things were beginning to look rather bleak, that one little moment sparked the fire inside me. I will always love this project because, as I said at the beginning, this is the book of my heart and soul. I want you guys to be able to read about these characters and their relationships. I want you to experience all the Bellarke-ness I put into my book and flail over Arrow. I want you to love Aurelia and also feel conflicted about loving her. I want you to have a love-hate relationship with Jameson and his best friend, Marcus. I want you to say YAS QUEEN to my bi-queen, Philippa. I want you all to want to kick ass with Harlowe. This rag-tag group are the people who have lived in my heart and soul for five years, and I want you to experience them the same way I do.

Since I'm kicking querying up again, this makes me hopeful, so feel free to send your good vibes my way! I have a strong feeling I'm gonna need them. If any of you have any querying tips, please send them to me! I would love to know how you guys hashed out that process and landed your agent!


My new book baby has consumed me, guys. This book, I'm not gonna lie, had a really messy beginning. Flashback to about a year and a half ago. I had to write a piece inspired by a work I read in Arthurian Romance (hello, hi, I'm an English major). That piece was so much fun to write, and I loved the characters I created (my protagonist and her love interest still have the same names). Then, about a year ago, I was in my capstone class for my English major, and it was a Moby-Dick themed class. I scrapped what I wrote the previous semester, and started fresh. I knew I wanted the concept to be similar, but tweak it to fit in with my new Moby-Dick theme. I ended up not connecting with that 10,000 word iteration either. So, let's flash forward to April of this year, shall we?

Before a new season of my favorite shows begin, I always do a rewatch. Always. Same with new book releases, I always do rereads. The 100 Season 5 was about to begin, and I needed to rewatch to have that back in my brain. One character that was upped to a season regular had me paying attention a little bit more: Echo. I never really minded Echo, I just never knew her purpose of being there. She never had a backstory, and we don't really know who she is/was outside of the show. Because of my need to know for this information, I began thinking about that and incorporating it into this story that had the bones of something I wanted to write. Once I made up the backstory for Echo, I'm like "this would be perfect for my MC."

So, as I queried agents with Vigilant, I began to poke at this project again. I wanted to see if I could bring it to a place where I absolutely fell in love with it. And guys, I did. I think I succeeded. This story has come to a place where I understand it and adore it so deeply. It's truly special. There's obviously some references to Echo (as I picture Tasya Teles as my MC), but there's also some feel of Outlander and Throne of Glass. All of which are my favorite things.

In September, I began the journey of outlining for the first time ever. I am never one to outline as I'm primarily a pantser. This was a journey and a half for me. I treated it more as a SUPER rough draft. All bad description with no dialogue, long paragraphs, and lots of he/she does this/that. But it had plot. I ended up writing hand-written notes rather than retyping and reprinting the document. There's something so authentic about a handwritten outline that I love. It's finally starting to come together, and I can't wait to see how the first draft comes out.

I just bough Save the Cat! Writes a Novel and I can't wait to see how that ends up helping this story!

Until next post!

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