Hello, 2019!

This year is going to be a busy one. There, I said it.

I have put a pause on querying my book, Vigilant, to give it a full revamp. Yes, I am completely rewriting this book and yes, I'm at least a little bit crazy for it. The thing is, I tried not to do this, but the farther I went with querying and writing notes of what I wanted to happen in book two, I realized just how much I wanted to write book two. It wasn't until about summer time that the thought breezed across my mind of doing a rewrite to adjust the setting and plot. But I didn't want to because of how much work that would be. It is a lot of work, but as I'm working through reworking character backstories and such, I'm realizing that this book is going to thank me for it. I'm also able to create a darker world.

I knew going into draft six of Vigilant that the world would go from Dystopian to Post-Apocalyptic feeling because I loved the feel of the end of the world. When I started planning my draft seven rewrite, I realized maybe I should just end the world. So that's what I'm doing. I'm playing with the world I created, but moved the timelines around as if my characters didn't do what I planned to do. Oppressive dictator as one of the villains is no more. I'm having so much fun reworking to figure out how I'm going to work the villain in and how they're going to weave into the story. That villain isn't leaving the story any time soon.

This will be my second big rewrite of Vigilant. Some days, I often think to myself about how I probably don't need to do this. I could easily pick up a new project rather than starting over. The thing is that I care about my characters too much to let them go. These characters speak to me in a way I've never had a character speak to me. These people have been through hell, and they want their story told. So I'm going to try as hard as I can to let it be told.

If you're wondering...this is Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin from The 100), I picture her as Aurelia in Vigilant

I am also working on two other books simultaneously (like I said, it's going to be a busy year). These two are first draft Works-in-Progresses. One of them is a contemporary book I'm putting up on Wattpad and I'm loving it! I wanted to start writing on Wattpad again because it's where I started. It's where most of my roots are. Plus, I love seeing readers' reactions to certain lines and parts. It made drafting so, so, so much fun. I have been working on the sidelines of my writing career for so long that I wanted to start giving back again...in a completely new way. The last time I was on Wattpad, I was mostly writing Fanfiction and I want to break that mold and do something different. I'm so happy I took a hiatus and came back to write what I'm currently writing.

This book is currently online, so if you'd like to read it, click here.

The other project I'm working on, and currently debating about posting on Wattpad, is my fantasy novel I'm calling A Lie Guarded. This book has also been a huge WIP for me because I've restarted this book several times and still have not found the right beginning, but I think I'm finally getting there. I'm just going to write until I get to where I want it to be. The opening is pretty much the only thing I'm struggling with at this point! GAH!

It's going to be a busy year, but I am so determined to get it all done! What's on your to-do for the year?

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Writer from Wisconsin who loves reading, writing, crocheting, and watching way too much of The 100. You can often find Amanda playing The Sims and procrastinating everything. 

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