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Character Creation Template | Classic Happy Planner

Hi all!

I have yet another download for you all! This time it's a Character Creation template! This is based on how I've been making my character template charts for years for myself. I always love to have a character photo, and I sort of think of it as the basics or a background check kind of form.

For a long time now, I've been wanting to share this template with you all because it's something that works so incredibly well for me. In the download, I do include in the first page what you see down below, and what I all put in the bottom section. I didn't give a detailed explanation because ultimately, it's up to you what you need to know. I made a small box for a photo to go as well as a blank page if you want to create something completely your own. Go crazy and have fun! I hope you enjoy this template style as much as I do!

The size of this template is the Classic Happy Planner size.

Character Creation Template
Download PDF • 6.46MB

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