Getting Back to Writing

I admit, writing hasn't been the easiest of things to do amidst a global pandemic. It's been stressful, and I find myself trying to continue old/new hobbies I never successfully mastered (like crocheting). It's a shame because I adore the craft, and it's something I am so passionate about, but it was so hard to find that groove of getting back into it. I felt stressed all the time.

It wasn't that I didn't want to write, I wanted to so bad. I would create in the best way I knew possible. I'd play The Sims, working on my save file and making these integrated and immersive storylines for me to play out. Sure, they weren't Science Fiction or Fantasy themed as that's not how I normally play the game, but it was still me using that muscle. I also spent a lot of time consuming content as I crocheted. I watched shows I'd been putting on the back burner.

As we approach the new school year, I can safely say I'm so ready to dive back into We Wretched Things, and continue the third point of view rewrites. It's going to go slow, but I know that it will get better as time goes on.


Writer from Wisconsin who loves reading, writing, crocheting, and watching way too much of The 100. You can often find Amanda playing The Sims and procrastinating everything. 

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