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Weekly Aesthetic | Star

Welcome back to weekly aesthetics! I'm super excited to get to do these because I find that they really help showcase my book a lot. The one in the banner above is from A Lie Guarded, and the one I'm posting today is my first for the weekly aesthetics from Serpenvie.

This week's theme is all about stars. I'm super excited about this because Stars are something that are constantly referred to in the book. All images from my aesthetics are from Pinterest, and I own absolutely none of them! Credits go to their respective owners.

Star refers to many things in my book. The main one being one of my main characters, Estelle. Her name literally means Star. Estelle is truly the center of this book's universe and she was one of the first characters I came up with. I think she also has one of the richest and vibrant back stories that I've come up with. She's someone that I'm most excited to spend some extra time with in this rewrite.

Alongside Estelle, and who we don't see very much of, are her parents. They died long before this story even started, but their memories are ever present. She carries the weight of their legacy with her every day and won't ever let their legacies be forgotten. She is their star through and through.

The pieces of jewelry that I pictured represent something Estelle was given upon the death of her father; the Starlight collection. Each piece has a gemstone that glitters light a thousand twinkling stars. It was passed down from heir to heir, but her father bestowed the collection to her. His illegitimate daughter. She was the brightest star in his universe and couldn't think of anyone better to bestow them to.

Being the star of this universe has its weight to Estelle, and we see that in Serpenvie. She has carried those burdens for far too long and she's ready to let them go. Here's a little look into one of my favorite quotes from the second draft:

“Don’t fret, ma petite étoile,” he said with a hearty chuckle, drawing his daughter into his chest. “For there are worse things in the universe to worry about. Each day begins with the sun rising over the horizon, and it ends with the stars sparkling in the sky.”
“Each star is a worry let loose,” Estelle recited.

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek!

Amanda xx

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