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Weekly Novel Aesthetic | Sacrifice

This week's theme for the aesthetic is all about sacrifice. I admit, when the theme was announced over on Twitter, I wasn't sure what I would be doing for this one.

I had to really think about this one, and kind of what it meant for my main character. She's sacrificed so much, but I wasn't completely sure of how to put that into images. For me, the nicest thing is that I already have such a solid fan cast of my main character, so I was able to look through those images to see where in the world I could start.

As always, before you see the aesthetic, I want to remind you that all images belong to their rightful owners and were taken off pinterest. Though top row middle, all three in the second row, and bottom middle are all from the CW's The 100, and top right and bottom right were from Outlander.

Eralys has given up so much as I'd mentioned. The central focus point is the little girl. She'd given up her childhood to serve her duties to both her father and the kingdom she was raised in. In doing so, she'd sacrificed having true love, safety, family, freedom, and a home. Her whole life began to be circled by how she was raised.

Honestly, doing this graphic really had me hesitant because of spoilers, but I think it shows the deep dark background Eralys really had. I wish she was real so I could go give her a big hug because she deserves the world. I've actually been doing a ton of world building and just story building in general, and doing these really helps me see the niche backgrounds that my characters have.

I hope you enjoyed this one! I can't wait to share the next one with you! ~Amanda .xx

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