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Writing a Dark Academia Novel | Writing a Novel

This was the most unintentional post ever, but hey, it's here. I'm writing a new book!

I know, I know. Let me explain.

Since I began writing, and knew it was something I wanted to do, I've had this thing I've been working towards. Each book was a step closer and closer to the end goal, and I'm sure many people who are born in the mid to late 90s know where I'm going with this. Everyone in my generation (or a good majority) know who J.K. Rowling is, but this generation also knows what her books represent. For my whole childhood, I loved this world she created and so often wanted to escape to it. I still do (and I even got to momentarily escape to it in January 2017 when I visited the museum at what was formerly Leavesden Studios, where they filmed the movies).

The full scale of Hogwarts Castle that was used for the Harry Potter Franchise. Photo taken by Amanda J. Winter in January 2017. Castle covered in snow for the Hogwarts in Winter Theme.

This is all to say that I have been working toward "My Harry Potter" since I began my endeavors in writing. This book already feels so special to me. As I'm working on this book, I've been picking at the world building and everything in between for a few weeks. It feels so fun and I am finding small niche things I love about this world that I want to explore. This book is one that I think I've been waiting a long time to work on.

When I refer to it as being my Harry Potter, I'm referring to the feeling that J.K. Rowling often talks about. Now, I can't say for sure, but I was watching biopic from a few years ago that is called Magic Beyond Words, and it really talked about that feeling of knowing when the project is the right one. When I first watched that film (it came out in 2011, so I assume that's when I first saw it), I wanted to have that feeling of finding The One one day, and I've finally felt like I've found it.

This project really was born out of my watching Harry Potter for the first time in a long time, and also my love for the Dark Academia aesthetic. I really wanted to dive deep into things I loved, and there's so many things about this story that have started clicking into place. It feels so strange to say that I think this is the project because it's still so new, but it feels different. You know?

With my other projects, I was always doing a hybrid of working on my laptop and out of a notebook. The new thing for this project is paper. Paper everything. I have pages of notes, fake newspaper clippings, and other materials I've made in preparation for this book. I love this story so much, and I've barely even touched plot or characters yet. I'm just having a lot of fun building this world into one that I could spend years in. It's something I've always wanted, and I cannot wait to further explore my world, and continue sharing with you all.

~Amanda .xx

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