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March Writer's Planner Necessities - Floral Themed

Hi all!

I am fully aware March is halfway over, but I couldn't help but make these printouts. I've been trying to get into planners for the past few years, and I'm getting my Happy Planner tomorrow has me inspired and making my own inserts for my planner! I made a matching writing sprint tracker and monthly writing tracker calendar.

As a writer, I adore having somewhere to keep track of sprints and words I've written for any given day. I've also began using star stickers to track either 500 or 1,000 word increments as an accountability method. I love it, and since I'm getting my planner, I wanted to make something I could put inside my planner.

I have three different printouts: An undated calendar layout, an undated horizontal layout, and a writing sprint tracker. These are all sized to the dimensions of the classic Happy Planner. These pages are 7x9.25 in.

The undated calendar layout is one I wouldn't necessarily recommend for stars if you use them. They may work with store bought ones since I made my own star stickers on my Cricut Joy. If you have slightly larger star stickers, I would recommend using the horizontal layout instead. I personally will be using all of them, so I hope you enjoy all of these!

April's Theme is all about Foliage! I love spring and summer with growing plants, and I think it will be reflected in these next few months.

Can't wait to hear what you guys think! ~Amanda J. Winter xx

Writing Tracker - March 2021
Download PDF • 18.52MB
Word Sprint Tracker
Download PDF • 18.42MB
Writing Tracker Horizontal 1 Week Versio
Download • 18.52MB

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